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What is a Facial Peel & what does it do for your skin?

In my experience, people are often a little shy, hesitant and sometimes scared of having a peel versus a regular facial for a variety of reasons. Some are scared that they will have a lot of redness, peeling and shedding of skin that's noticeable or they think it’s painful. If you were having a medical grade heavy peel from a doctor, much of that is true, however my peels are grades milder, yet equally effective. What makes my mild peels as effective as a medical grade peel from a doctor is that they are done over time and gradually in series of mild peels, rather than one heavy expensive one during one sitting. With a facial peel at Luxe Skin Care in Cary, you will see minimal redness and the same radiant glow you would see if you had a standard facial.

The peels I use from Image Skincare are “Clinical Couture Designer Peels”, this basically means they are customized to what your skin needs and are a blend of several BHA and AHA exfoliators. These exfoliating ingredients can be weak or strong depending on your skin type, sensitivity and the specific results you are looking for. I blend these exfoliators with plant stem cells, anti oxidants, lighteners, hydrators and ingredients that strengthen and protect the skin. At Luxe Skin Spa in Cary, not only are you in good hands, but I customize your peel series according to what your skin needs. Nothing is cookie cutter or standard, its all catered and custom for your skincare needs. My peels’ main purpose is to exfoliate the damaged dead skin cells, promote new healthy skin and produce more collagen to reveal beautiful skin. At Luxe Skin Spa you can expect an experience unlike any other spa and salon. Most salons will simply exfoliate, neutralize and moisturize your face then send you on your way, but I don’t. All my peels include a full facial, ensuring your skin is truly treated and pampered to its healthiest condition. I apply serums, antioxidants, perform extractions (if needed) and provide a relaxing massage to décolleté and shoulders while your facemask is setting.

Peels are just as relaxing as a facial and there is nothing to be afraid of. When you get a facial or peel at Luxe Skin Spa in Cary, you will not only have your skin treated with the highest quality products, but receive added bonuses most spas charge extra for like neck and décolleté treatments and massages. All peel clients are also sent home with a post care kit so you can treat your skin at home with the right products to ensure the best results.

If you don’t know what treatment is right for you, book a free skincare consultation at my facial Spa in Cary,for us to discuss your needs and let me examine your skin. Together we can create a treatment plan that fits with your budget, needs and schedule.

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