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What to Expect from your First Facial at Luxe Skin Spa in Cary

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Not matter how fashions trends change, your face will always be your best accessory and it’s your responsibility to keep it looking as beautiful as possible. Facials are not a luxury anymore; they are a necessary facial treatment in the care of your skin. You only get one face; you might as well take care of it.

My facials, especially your first one, always start with a skin assessment. It’s basically just us talking about your concerns, current skincare treatment and your skin type. I want to learn everything about your skin I can before I start any treatment or regime. Once I have learned about your skincare needs including the products you use at home, I will determine the best products to use for your facial. We can also discuss add-on services for acne or dry skin. All facials are customized for your skincare needs and skin condition, please share as much information about your skin with me when we are determined the best plan for your facial to gain the best ultimate results.

Facials at Luxe Skin Spa in Cary,include cleansing, exfoliation, toning, extraction, face massage and a mask. The specific products I use will depend on your skin type, which I will determine from the information I gathered during your skin assessment at the beginning of your appointment. The serums, moisturizers, eye creams and lip balm I use are catered to your needs and are only of the highest quality and from the most reputable brands, including Image and BioElements. The products I select will correct and hydrate your skin to its most refreshed and radiant state.

Expect to leave a facial at Luxe Skin Spa relaxing and feeling like a new you because I also include a neck and shoulder massage too. In addition, there are corrective enhancements such as antioxidants, kojic acid, retinol, vitamin C and hyaluronic acid that can be added to any facial or peel service. I also offer a Collagen Crystal Eye Mask and the option of hot stones for your face, neck and shoulder massage.

Once you’ve had a facial at Luxe Skin Spa in Cary, I will warn you, you may become a little addicted to the pampering experience and how healthy and refreshed your face feels. Routine facials will keep your skin radiant, youthful and looking young. Ideally you should come in at least once a month for a facial to keep your skin refreshed and glowing. If you have any concerns, fears or questions, please contact me prior to booking you appointment. However, if you know what you want from my services menu, you can go ahead and book an appointment today!

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